Sensuality & Proportion

A primer in sound for architects.

Why listen?

To find out about the world?
for pleasure?

Our three dimensions of space are embodied in the inner ear. To listen is to begin to understand size, materials, activity and ambience, what is best now, what is most open to improvement, without constraint what users want, and what will work in new built spaces. Architecture is bruit reality - richer and deeper than designs on paper - whose deeper resonances link human experience through music to the natural cycles and vibrations of nature.

Architecture and music share ideas of composition, symmetry, proportion, repetition, rhythm, harmony, exact performance, workmanship, pause or space, rest, quiet, texture, noise, size and scale. Common to both in physical reality are material properties of geometry, energy, use and space in real time. How they interrelate is through the human body: speech, movement, sensory capabilities, and our trajectories in time.




©Marcus Beale