Sensuality and Proportion

a primer in sound for architects.

Architecture and music have always been connected. Through real life first-hand experience: listening acoustics, through the notion of harmonic proportion: cosmic acoustics, and the modern science of predictive acoustics.

All three aspects are deeply interlinked.

Space is aural, space can be heard. Seeing fills in the gaps. If seeing is believing, hearing is feeling and knowing. If we embrace the audible dimension of space, and listen to the spaces we have created, this will result in healthier cities and buildings.

A place of introduction

the information of the air
the ear: seat of balance
aural value
containers of air, containers of activity
authors' note

Architectural acoustics, room acoustics, music and architecture, sound in space, soundscape, studies in music, concert halls, acoustic engineering. Erik Satie, John Cage, WC Sabine, Helmholtz, theory of sound, theory of harmony