Sensuality and Proportion

a primer in sound for architects.

Noise. The world [is] for hearing... audible... Life is full of noise: work noise, noise of man noise of beast. Noise bought, sold, or prohibited. Nothing essential happens in the absence of noise... by listening to noise we can better understand ...what hope we may have. [1]

To retrieve memories: deposit them, one by one in a public space [2]


Sounds I hear:

Noise is information for the moment:

We hear against a background of noise, from chaos, not from silence.

The difference between sound and noise is one of value: suitability, response, recognition.


[1] J Attali 'Noise' 1985
[2] for more see Frances Yates 'The Art of Memory'
[3] for example white noise, unexamined data, masking noise.