Sensuality and Proportion

a primer in sound for architects


The science of harmony for an understanding of the universe. - Pythagoras, Rameau, Sauveur, Fourier, Rayliegh, Helmholtz and Sabine...

In olden days music was number applied, the oneness two-ness three-ness and four-ness of things playing against each other.

Quixotic, playful, on the edge of physics, but conforming to predictable paths. Aristoxenus defined 101 ways of solving the comma of Pythagoras

Chaos is fundamental - the unpredictable - the ornament, the variation - we have heard music where everything is predictable - it is without interest.

Music means not only what is close to perfection but what is imperfect: another human being .

Everyone is born a musician. If you can speak you can sing and hear. Each of us has a voice born of discipline. It's worth listening.