Architectural Acoustics - An Introduction.


These notes set out some principal themes of architectural acoustics. The aim is to give a framework from which to explore the audible realm of architecture. We cannot explore the ideas in detail here, rather set out themes and invite you to do some more research. A fuller discussion is in my forthcoming book Sensuality and Proportion.

The structure of these lectures. In part one we explore some essential concepts, to do with listening, sound, cities, habitation, the physiology of the human body. This helps us define a broad subject and gives us some conceptual tools. In part two we deploy these concepts in actual situations, draw some conclusions and identify opportunities for further exploration and research.

Part One: Concepts, cities, humans
Part Two: Actual Acoustics.

Notes from the lectures given at University of East London Department of Architecture Undergraduate (2nd and 3rd year) Studio B 19 December 2008. These are basically speaker’s notes, an aide memoire, I am gradually updating and fleshing out as a proper Introduction to Acoustics in Two Lectures which will be rolling out across the UK in 2010.