the love of sound

This site is a place for listening. Our aim is to promote a wholesome acoustics.

About us

Acoustics is fun. Or so Pythagoras says. This web site started as a by-product - or is it the other way round - or a condensed version - or a series of haikus - or a few slabs of colour on a palette - relating to 'Sensuality and Proportion', which is a small book about the information of the air and our interface with it: the notion of hearing, listening, and value. Fellow akoustiki have kindly lent articles on similar themes.

Sound arises from an open and welcoming and lovable chaos - music is sustained repetition - long live dynamic equilibrium.

The site is gradually updated.

Our name is taken from an essay by Eric Satie, parcier, composer, and phonometrographer.

Marcus Beale
October 2002